About Us

About Us

TreeLogs is the subsidiary of TreeDots, focusing on providing one stop service for cold chain services, from cold room storage, picking & packing services and last mile deliveries. Most importantly, TreeLogs is specialised in Food Logistics.

We started TreeLogs with the sole purpose of reducing unnecessary food transportation in the industry, achieving reduction in carbon footprint and at the same time helping food suppliers cut costs. Based on our extensive experience in the Food Industry, TreeLogs is uniquely positioned to provide logistics solutions tailored to your specific requirements and expectations within this sector.


Cold Chain Deliveries

First Mile | Mid Mile | Last Mile

Warehousing | Storage | Cold Storage

Picking | Packing | Shipping

Labelling | Palletizing | Pallet Wrapping

Our team is committed to helping you optimise the logistical flow of your business.

We are pleased to offer complimentary consultation.

Let us help you streamline your supply chain and unlock the full potential of your business with our expert guidance!



With more than 55 trucks running islandwide delivery daily, we offer a unique logistics solution where your goods ride in the same truck as other customers, going to the same for delivery.

This not only greatly reduced the carbon footprint as a whole for the industry, but allow us to offer you delivery at an affordable cost, 37% cheaper than other 3PL quotes.


We have a suite of technologies developed in-house such as:

  • Transport management system
  • Vehicle IOT location & temperature tracker
  • Delivery job management system

This allow our customers to be able to track the deliveries outsourced to us themselves, from job submission, checking live status of deliveries to retrieval of proof of deliveries, it’s can be done through a few clicks at the comfort of your own office.

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